Practicing Generosity

Buddhist Monk going for Almsround in Blewett

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to travel in Thailand, Myanmar or Sri Lanka, you may have noticed Theravada Buddhist monks and nuns in maroon, brown or orange robes, in the morning, walking through their communities with metal bowls on ‘alms round’.

Community people practice generosity and receive blessings by feeding the monks and nuns. This becomes the monk’s nourishment for the day.

On almsround, monks pause a few moments in front of every house. They do not ask anything but this allows time for people to see them and the option to offer. They do not go up to the door nor knock, they do not want to disturb others peace. They walk mindfully, from one house to the next, radiating Loving Compassion to all beings.

In Blewett, there resides a Canadian born Buddhist monk too and his name is Ānanda.  🙂  Bhante Ānanda sometimes receives pre-arranged food offerings near a cabin where he has been staying during COVID, but he also walks in the community for alms food. You might see him along his various Blewett alms routes. If you wish to talk briefly, he is happy to answer questions regarding the Buddha’s teachings, meditation, or his practice of loving-kindness (‘Bhante’ is a respectful way to address a monk).


Should you wish to offer food to Bhante Ānanda during his alms round, please do so by placing food into his bowl. In return, he will give you a blessing. In the Buddhist tradition, offering food to a monk or nun is considered one of the highest acts of generosity a person can perform.



It is a good idea to arrive with cooked or ready-to-serve food in a container, with a serving spoon in order to dish food directly into Bhante’s bowl. Monks eat once a day, what is given to them that same day before noon, and cannot save food for coming days. If no food is received, they simply will not eat.

Theravada monks and nuns are not able to request anything, and have shed their individual preferences. A question like: “Do you like this?” would be difficult for him to answer. It is up to the generous donors to make the decisions on what they would like to give. 

Alms Route Map

 Alms Routes in Blewett:

Monday: leaving 10:00 am from Cazakoff Road mailboxes, then walking along the lower part of Vindusky Road to the end of the pavement (~10:30am), and returning the same way. Blue dots are the usual route, orange dots are optional. 

Saturday:  Cottonwood falls farmers market

*There might be other days when Bhante walks for alms in the future.

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