Open Heart Book - A Beginning Guide to Boundless Love Meditation by Bhante Ānanda

Open Heart

A Guide to Boundless Love Meditation

Boundless Love meditation, as taught by the Buddha in the early Buddhist texts (the Suttas) is particularly special. Mettā was perhaps the foremost meditation subject taught by the Buddha himself, especially to people beginning on the path to awakening for many valuable reasons. He called this practice, Mettā-cetovimutti: ‘The liberation of the Heart by Love.’ This was not only a kind of sitting meditation practice but a way of life also called Mettā-bhāvanā; ‘The cultivation of Love.’

This book describes a clear and accessible path for all. It is an easy and light read. It contains glimpses of the original suttas and a clear overview of every stage of meditation.

Book Information

Bhante Ānanda

Nameless Publications

First Edition 

August 2020

ISBN: 978-1-7777821-0-8

ebook: 978-1-7777821-1-5

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