Kuti Pūjā

Kuti Pūjā

Picture: Trista Verhesen

When: Friday, June 19th, 10:00am – 2:00pm
Where: 3414 Renwick Rd., Nelson (Blewett). You may park along the side of Renwick road.
What to bring: folding chair, weather-appropriate clothing. Optional: offerings of flowers (in vase/jar), incense and/or candles/lanterns

This Kuti project is a communal, collective project open to anyone to contribute. The kuti has been purchased for $30,000, with $10,000 of this amount already committed. This is a large project for a small community to hold. Anyone wishing to contribute funds to the kuti project could contact us at heartdhamma@protonmail.com. Donation information is on the HeartDhamma website in the Dāna section: https://www.heartdhamma.love/kuti-project.

Generosity is necessary for the Dhamma to be established anywhere, and to perhaps get a monk (Bhante) to stay in the area. People might prefer contributing in other ways: wood-working skills, landscaping, or purchasing something specific for the tiny house, please contact Marty and Grant to find out ways you can help. Marty: maart@gmkf.ca.

We look forward to your visit here on Friday. For COVID-19 safety reasons we will remain outside and maintain our physical distance. Only food cooked by Yureshini and Hiran will be used. If desired, people are welcome to take some of this already prepared food in a bowl and offer it into Bhante’s alms bowl. Please sanitize your hands before this offering. Food will be offered to Bhante Ananda and the sangha first, and then to everyone present. Clean plates and utensils will be provided. After eating, we will move toward the kuti forest location where Bhante will recite various parittas and suttas. Stay as long as you wish. It would be helpful to know if you plan to attend.

With Metta,

Marty and Grant


Here’s Bhante Ananda’s description of what is possible for this event:

For this Kuti Pūjā,

I will be giving blessings from the Saṅgha for this auspicious gift.
I will also be reciting protective chants (Parittas) in both Pāḷi and english.
The power of the chant is mostly because of its effect on the mind when they are understood by the reader and listeners but is not only limited to this.
(Devas too are invited and involved).

The recitation should happen after the meal offering.
After saṅgha dāna I will be going under the big cedar to recite the parittas.
This will last a few hours.
I will be reciting the Ratana Sutta, the Khandha paritta, Mora Paritta, Mettā Sutta, Ātānayita Sutta…. and more.
People can leave whenever they want. 🙂

There can be light, flower and incense offerings as well.
To the saṅgha and the devas to protect the area.

Here’s the link to the Songkran video which can give an idea to people:
(There will not be the “water ceremony” at the end of the video, as this is not related to “our” event.)

Much Mettā 🙂