Heartwood Institute


A Place of Refuge

for the Higher Mind & Heart

A Tour of the Project

The Land

Located 8 km East of the small mountain town Kalimpong, a 30 minute drive, the land that hosts us is a stunning 1.5 acres on the slope of an old rice paddy field. 

The land holds a silence, that is conducive for meditative practice and offers a breathtaking view over the Relli Valley.

The serene countryside atmosphere conveys the memory of life at the time of the Buddha and naturally elevates the heart and mind.

The Plans

Building the Institute will take place in three main phases:

1. The construction will begin with the most essential buildings to host retreats and welcome meditators; the main lodge will be first, then a monk’s kuti and a simple block with four dorm-style rooms.

2. More accommodations will be built for meditators and some basic landscaping will take place (The land is on an old rice paddy field.

3. A more spacious Dhamma Hall in the center of the property will be built, and more accommodations, for monastics and lay practitioners.

Natural Building

We are working with leading edge professional builders of natural and environmentally sustainable construction.

We are using natural, locally sourced and sustainable building materials such as:

  1. CSEB: Professional, tested Compressed and Stabilized Earth Bricks.
  2. Specialy treated bamboo for rafters and rebar
  3. Professional Wattle and Daub walls structure
  4. Locally sourced timber for handmade windows and doors
  5. And more…

Retreats at the Institute

2024 – Himalayas – Kalimpong

March 4th to 7th, 2024​
4-Day Introduction to Natural Samādhi Retreat​
Boundless Love Meditation to Nibbāna​
With Bhante Ānanda​
Kalimpong, West Bengal, Himalayas

Support The Project

Kindness and generosity are the lifeblood of all of our activities. Generosity of people like you makes all of this possible. Your generosity makes a big difference, as all of our works and activities are offered for free. Help us protect this amazing Dhamma. Help us keep the Dhamma priceless and accessible to all, for free.

The HeartDhamma Community​

Our Mission

To offer donation-based retreats and events.
To embody the early teachings of the Buddha for both lay and monastics
To go back to the original Pāli discourses
To bring to light the teachings on the develpment of wholesome mental states (Bhāvanā) such as Joy and Love, which naturally culminate in Samādhi
To promote and value harmony and respect within the sangha as a whole
To offer a refuge for dedicated meditators
To hold space for longer retreats and personal retreats
To create a training and learning center for forest monks
To promote and support the monastic code of conduct
To strengthen all four pillars of the sāsana
To emphasize long, deep meditation and facilitate a meditation-friendly environment

HeartDhamma Foundation

The HeartDhamma Foundation India is currently being estalished. It will serve as sister organization of the same foundation which was originated by Bhante Ānanda in Canada.

The Foundation is directed by a handful of very dedicated practitioners and supporters of the Dhamma.

It is the recipient and conduit for the Institute project in Kalimpong and for supporting our activities, including supporting monastic life and free dispensation of our teachings in India.