Happy Vesak

Happy Vesak

This 26th of May is the full moon which marks the triply auspicious date of the Birth, the Awakening and the passing into Parinibbāna of the Bhagavan Buddha.

This day is also called Buddha Jayanti or Buddha Purnima.

May all blessings be with you on this very special day.

Here are the first words he declared upon his awakening, as dawn was breaking:

moon among fluffy clouds on a dusky evening


Countless births in Saṃsāra,

Sandhāvissaṁ anibbisaṁ

Searching without finding,

Gahakārakaṁ gavesanto:

The builder of this house,

Dukkhā jāti punappunaṁ.

Troublesome it is, to be born again and again.


Gahakāraka diṭṭhosi!

Oh housebuilder, you are seen!

Puna gehaṁ na kāhasi:

Another house you shall not build,

Sabbā te phāsukā bhaggā,

All your rafters have given out,

Gahakūṭaṁ visaṅkhitaṁ,

The ridge beam is shattered,

Visaṅkhāra-gataṁ cittaṁ,

Mind has gone beyond fabrications,

Taṇhānaṁ khayam-ajjhagā.

Having reached the end of discontent.

Dhp 153-154