Entering the Dhamma - Support

10 day Retreat with bhante Ānanda

You will find on this page different elements to support your retreat

1. Retreat Books support

You can find all support books in menu Books:

Please read Book  Open Heart if you are not familiar with Boundless Love Meditation yet

In order to help you to follow the different videos  if your are not familiar with precepts , ,..

 It could be helpfull to read and  print from Pūjā (Recital of Dhamma) :

Mainly Page 1-20  (Precepts,Homages & Verses,..)

2. Schedule

This schedule is flexible.

The first days of the retreat should be relaxed.

Then, as the mental energy clears and picks up, meditators are invited to follow more closely.

6:00 am            Morning Meditation
7:30 am             Pūjā & Recital
8:00 am            Breakfast
9:00 am            Meditation & Interviews
10:00 am          Meditation
11:00 am           Lunch
12:00 pm          Rest/Walking Meditation
1:00 pm            Meditation
7:00 pm            Pūjā & Dhamma Talk
8:00 pm            Meditation
10:00 pm          Rest or personal practice.

3. Interviews

In order to report your meditation , fill the form every day.

That will  help me to follow your meditation progress
and to answer  your questions.

Fill interview form 

4. Videos

You will find here link to differents video , Puja & Recital,
Dhamma talk :



Begin your 10 days retreat