Sunday Gatherings Resuming

Teepee Meditation Hall at the HeartDhamma Hermitage in Nelson, BC

Dear friends,   I hope this little message finds you well, enjoying these clear September days. As an update, Bhante Ananda returned last week, so our outdoor Sunday gatherings will […]

Entering the Dhamma – Online Retreats

Entering the Dhamma, indeed!   Mettā gently eases and uplifts the mind. How fortunate to receive these teachings online and practice at home! 😊   Thank you, Bhante  🙏 The online retreat […]

Loving-Kindness Meditation and Dhamma Talk

Explore loving kindness and other aspects of Buddhism. Connect with people who share your interest with a supportive and uplifting community.   Join the live 30 minute loving-kindness meditation and […]

Dhamma Gathering

A Free weekly gathering to discover, learn and deepen the practice: Loving Kindness Meditation Teachings Dhamma Talk   Where: Santé Holistic Health Centre Duration: 2 hr Public  · Anyone Every Tuesday from […]