The Practice

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   Of course, you can use an object if the feeling gets weak… if it goes away.   If the mind gets distracted a lot, you can use something to […]

The Experience of Nibbāna

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And Samādhi, becomes so sharp,

collectedness of mind becomes so sharp,

steadiness so sharp and so present,

awareness starts to dissolve,

it breaks down here.

The Choice

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Liberating the mind at the root of experience and choosing happiness, choosing to let go, choosing freedom.

Nirodha as ‘Unobstructed’

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And Nirodha. Nirodha is… Sometimes I have translated it as release… But that does not always carry the whole of the meaning. This is a place where you can find […]

Defilements vs. Samādhi

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There are [many] things that we can do to get our minds to gravitates more and more towards uplifted states, which is… the Buddha’s Teaching… on meditation. That’s what the […]

Transience and Letting go

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“Or perhaps, one might notice, forms or shapes, or lights and colours, forms, Rūpa. The first fabric of the ego. One of the five constituents that we call ‘ourselves’: Form […]

Khp 7 Metta Sutta – Chanting

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Metta Sutta Khp 9 Discourse on Boundless Love   1. Karaṇīyam-attha-kusalena, This should be displayed by one skilled in goodness, Yanta santaṃ padaṃ abhisamecca; One who walks at peace and […]

Dhamma means Truth

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“This is the famous Kālāmā Sutta, Also known as Kesamutti Sutta. AN III 65 Kālāmās: Know for Yourselves – HeartDhamma The ‘Discourse of the Buddha to the Kālāmās’, And this […]