India Retreats

Dear Dhamma friends, Vassa season is coming to an end. The three month rains retreat is significant in Sri Lanka, where monks remain meditating within a monastery and leave its […]

Entering the Dhamma – Online Retreats

Entering the Dhamma, indeed!   Mettā gently eases and uplifts the mind. How fortunate to receive these teachings online and practice at home! 😊   Thank you, Bhante  🙏 The online retreat […]

Slocan Retreat

What a special gift, to receive Buddha’s Teachings. Staying at this off-grid location in Terry’s hand-built homes, deeply enriched this wonderful experience. Many thanks to Bhante, and to everyone who […]

Loving-Kindness Meditation Retreat

This retreat offers the valuable experience of being completely immersed in meditation. It is an opportunity to take a step back and learn what really matters in life. You will […]