2024 – Kootenays, BC, Canada

Bhante Ānanda Buddhist Monk Pilgrimage Slocan Valley

10-Day Retreat – Natural Samādhi: Boundless Love Meditation to Nibbāna Pre-Announcement More information to come. Stay in touch! Dates  TBD […]

Australia Retreat

Pre-Announcement More information to come… Dates: October 20th to 29th Location: Australia, TBD Description: This retreat is hosted for the […]

Knuckles Forest Retreat, Sri Lanka

Natural Samādhi: Boundless Love Meditation to Nibbāna

A 10-Day – Loving-Kindness Meditation retreat with Bhante Ānanda
Natural Samādhi is the original teaching of the Buddha on how to develop mental collectedness (Samādhi), by way of uplifting the mind and relaxing bodily tension. This is what the Buddha called wise practice (Right effort). Learning to use the vehicle of Calm and Clarity (Samatha-Vipassanā), meditators deepen in their experience of a happy and composed mind, and drink deep, the bliss of the higher mind (Adhicitta).

Easter Retreat, California, US

This TWIM residential retreat spans Easter Holiday weekend. It will be led by Delson Armstrong, Rachael O’Brien, and Venerable Bhante Ananda.  They offer clarity in teaching meditation as described in the earliest Buddhists texts. Their wise guidance is key to develop insight and compassion in meditation and extending into daily life,

Pali Department, University of Mumbai

Dates: February 15th to 25th 2023 Location: Sonawane Farm, Karjat, Maharashtra Teaching: 10-Day Residential Retreat for the Pāli Department of […]

Kalimpong Retreat, West Bengal

9-Day Retreat – Natural Samādhi: Boundless Love Meditation to Nibbāna January 31st to Feb 8th Buddha Pāda Center, Kalimpong, West […]