Heartful Selflessness

STUDENT QUESTION: Can this pure giving-heart be a link-breaker within Dependent Origination then? Can one act without clinging (attaching) and […]


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The Release From Perceptual Awareness Excerpt: DN 2 Potthapāda The Release from Awareness   [The Buddha]   ‘Up to here […]

Wise Friendship

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To remember these wonderful, wholesome ways where really true happiness lies. Wonderfully, the Buddha begins with wise friendship, ‘kalyana mittata’ […]

Gratitude is Awareness

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Gratitude is, in fact,  very close to awareness.   It is one of these states of the heart or the […]

An Open, Unforced Samādhi

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The Special Samādhi of the Buddhas   “This Samadhi is not practiced by unrighteous people.”   Now, we can concentrate […]

The Escape

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These 5 hindrances, whatever they are, they’re just doing the same thing in the mind––         just […]

Bhante’s Path to Upasampadā

In 2017, Bhante Ānanda chose to ‘go forth’, relinquishing lay-life for the purpose of developing the higher mind. After two years […]

Seeing Hindrances

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And we continue letting go. And whatever arises, whatever arises, it is just a hindrance. Even you thinking: “I can’t […]