Pūjā – Chanting Book Release

Pūjā chanting Recital of Dhamma Book by Bhante Ānanda

Dear friends, We are pleased to announce the official release of Pūjā – Recitals of Dhamma, the recital booklet of Buddhist chants and protections by Bhante Ānanda.   In this […]

Jetvan Sessions Release

Dear friends,   We are pleased to announce the release of the Jetvan Sessions, an album of Buddhist chants and protections by Bhante Ānanda, recorded ate the Jetvan Retreat Center, […]

The Flight of Consciousness

As for consciousness and the self, Many people wonder, “how does a ‘person’ transmigrates from this life to the next.”   Consciousness is composed of many activities and processes that […]

Jetvan Retreat (Yavatmal)

Dear Dhamma Friends 🙂 It is with great pleasure that we announce the successful completion of the retreat at Jetvan Retreat Center, in Yavatmal, Maharashtra! The retreat was. once again, […]

The Beautiful

[One trains:]  ‘Let me live, unattached [15] to what is favorable. One then lives, unattached to that.   [One trains:] ‘Let me live, accepting what is unfavorable. One then lives, […]

Awareness in Practice

How is the liberation of the heart by Love developed?   Where does it lead to?What is its limit?What is its fruit?What is its culmination?   Here monks, (1) One […]

Viveka as Letting Go

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Here it is quite explicit, where the Buddha is going. Because… this is not ant kind of awareness, this is not any kind of development that is properly developed in […]

Virāga as Calming Down

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This calming down, Virāga, is very often translated as ‘dis-passion’.   And this is a problem one.   Because this tends to be interpreted in a way that one needs […]

The Choice

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Liberating the mind at the root of experience and choosing happiness, choosing to let go, choosing freedom.