Australia Retreat

Pre-Announcement More information to come… Dates: October 20th to 29th Location: Australia, TBD Description: This retreat is hosted for the […]

Knuckles Forest Retreat, Sri Lanka

Pre-announcement More information to come… Dates: May 6th to May 17th Location: Sri Sumedha Meditation Center (Sandun Arana), Knuckles, Gomara, […]

Easter Retreat, California, US

This TWIM residential retreat spans Easter Holiday weekend. It will be led by Delson Armstrong, Rachael O’Brien, and Venerable Bhante Ananda.  They offer clarity in teaching meditation as described in the earliest Buddhists texts. Their wise guidance is key to develop insight and compassion in meditation and extending into daily life,

‘I’ in the World Workshop

Morning Guide Meditationsby Bhante Ānanda Day 1: Grounding Meditation Welcoming the Mind into the Body Day 2: Loving-Kindness and the […]