Summer Building Projects

With much work and some willing hearts,  Some essential projects have been completed in order to have the capacity to receive visitors for short stays at the hermitage and to […]

Robe Making Season

Every year during Vassa, the monsoon season of Northern India, monks take to solitary retreat and take advantage of this sedentary period to repair their robes or make new ones. […]

The Beginning of Vassa

In Northern India, where the Buddha lived and taught, the year is mainly divided into three seasons, unlike our four familiar seasons here in the West. They are the Summer […]

Meal Dāna Koen & Khin

Meal Dāna from Koen and Khin today. Sharing merits with them and their families. 🙂 Sādhu Sādhu 🌷

Meal Dāna Chris

Meal dāna from Chris today, Sharing merits with him and all his family. Sādhu Sādhu 🌸

Happy Vesak

moon among fluffy clouds on a dusky evening

This 26th of May is the full moon which marks the triply auspicious date of the Birth, the Awakening and the passing into Parinibbāna of the Bhagavan Buddha. This day […]

Meal Dāna

Meal dāna from Brigitte today, May she and her entire family be well and happy. 🙂 Sādhu Sādhu 🌺